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system128's projects

Here are some of the projects that I am a part of.

Missadaxio / MR1K / Missadaxio's Unending Self-Match

Missadaxio is an experimental YTP Tennis project where the goal is to make as many rounds as possible without stopping. Below is the embed of the first 200 rounds of the tennis match, which takes 1 hour, 56 minutes, and 59 seconds to watch all the way through. Note how I said the first 200. If you looking at watching the rest of it thus far, you're gonna have to go with following the link below the embed. When it was last counted at around 920 rounds, the length was clocked at over 10 hours, so grab some popcorn and get rekt hard.

The full playlist

As is stands, the project mainly has 6 people working for it, so I'll give you a run-down on who currently manages the project.

  1. system128
  2. Blue91212
  3. Bkoszuta
  4. Mask9999
  5. Marc-Olivier Lesage
  6. freke

How did the project start?

So, it was a cloudy morning on August 5, 2018. I remember I was probably talking with someone I used to talk to often. And the day before, we decided to create an account together, and we had decided on a name for it through the Spinxo Username Generator (hint hint, this is where we got the Missadaxio name from!) And then, I decided to fire up VEGAS 14, and make the serve for what would later be the longest confirmed tennis match of all time. It was uploaded around 9 or 10 am as far as I can recall.

Another few rounds were made that day. The early stages of Missadaxio were very slow. But luckily, some other people started to become managers of the account as well. Only a select few rounds would be made over the span of several months, most notably when there was a lockout from the account from December 2019 to April 2020. Since then, after some security measures were taken, the match has risen to progress unprecedentedly quickly, and now, we are well on our way to our first goal of 1,000 rounds, which should be reached during September 2020, if not October!

What editors do we usually use? Well, we have a large variaty of video editors to choose from!

There is a spreadsheet regarding everything else about the match. Which I'll link it here.


Some of my frenz have NeoCities pages, too! Click on them! ^w^