This is the center of my online presence, as long as I keep updating this site every once in a while. Hopefully, this should be used in one way or another to lead you to other sites I'm on as well as some other fun things. We'll just see where this goes, eh? In case you are blind but can read at the same time, allow me to explain where everything is. On the far-right, you should see a bunch of links. They should take you to my social media sites, but as well as a link that just takes you to this very site, and the one below it is a fun little list of links I made. Basically, it's HTML/CSS experiments.

Who am I??

  • I am a male, 16 year old furry known for being a major fan of the Eeveelutions, particularly Glaceon. I am from Wisconsin, USA. I am currently a sophomore in high school who is a year ahead in math.
  • I am also known for my YTP Tennis hobby. I started making YTP Tennis rounds on December 16, 2016 under my old alias, "YouTubeLogo." After I moved on from it in March 2019, I went on to be "system128," which is who I am now. For my video editing, I mainly use VEGAS Pro 18.
  • I also draw a lot, especially during my classes. I share most of my art on Tumblr and DeviantArt. I also shared some on Twitter before I left it permanently. For my art, I usually use Adobe Photoshop CS6.
  • The image on the right, is my OC character named "Rai." (Drawn September 9, 2020.)

Some of my frenz have NeoCities pages, too! Click on them! ^w^